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Here we will be listing various publication outcomes from the Care Project and Network, some of which you will be able to access in full on our Archives tab below.


The Care Project has a major publication forthcoming (late 2021) from Routledge, the anthology Care Ethics and Art edited by Jacqueline Millner and Gretchen Coombs which features the voices of many of our participants: 

What would it mean to substitute care for economics as the central concern of politics? This anthology invites analysis, reflections and speculations on how contemporary artists and creative practitioners engage with, interpret, and enact care in practices which might forge an alternative ethics in the age of neoliberalism.


Interdisciplinary and innovative, it brings together contributions from artists, researchers and practitioners who creatively consider how care can be practised in a range of contexts, including environmental ethics, progressive pedagogies, cultures of work, alternative economic models, death literacy advocacy, parenting and mothering, deep listening, mental health, disability, and craftivism.


Care Ethics and Art contributes new modes of understanding these fields, together with practical solutions and models of practice, while also offering new ways to think about recent contemporary art and its social function. 


Other publications from the project include:


Jacqueline Millner, ‘Caring through art: reimagining value as political practice’, Art & the Public Sphere, 8 (2) pp. 163–174, 2020


Artist statements from the Care Exhibition Program


The Language My Mother Speaks


The smallest measure 

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