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CARE Symposium


Presented as part of the CARE : Transforming values through art, ethics and feminism Interdisciplinary symposium, an exhibition held at George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, 30 October - 2 November, 2019.

Exhibited Artists

Kylie Banyard, Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo, Claire Field and Caroline Phillips, Zoe Freney, Jodie Goldring, Rachael Haynes, Linda Judge, LAST Collective (Beth Arnold, Melanie Irwin, Katie Lee, Clare Rae and Hanna Tai), Joanne Makas, Elizabeth Savage Kooronya, Sarah Rudledge, Emma Russell, Kerryn Sylvia, Hartmut Veit, Hayley West, Linda Wilken, Su Yang, Sonia Zymantas

Exhibition documentation by Rubie Bridie, courtesy George Paton Gallery.

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