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Bendigo Round Table

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Bendigo Round Tables

Round Table 3

This round table was held at Latrobe University, Bendigo, on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

This was facilitated by Dr. Jacqueline Millner.

Many thanks to Phyllis Palmer Gallery for hosting this event.

Artists and Researchers who were involved and presented their work to the group:

Kylie Banyard, Lucy Callipari-Marcuzzo, Cathy Parry, Claudia Pharès, Catheirne Pilgrim, Pie Rankine, Caroline Wallace , Hayley West , Su Yang, Azza Zein 

Lucy Callipari-Marcuzzo


Lucy Callipari-Marcuzzo is an Victorian Artist who interprets and translates the experiences of Calabrian Italian settlers to North West Victoria in a contemporary visual art and sociological context.


She does this through live art performance, installation, drawing and video. An integral part of Callipari-Marcuzzo’s practice-led research is the self-transformation into an imagined version of her Calabrian grandmothers. During these enactments, she makes artefacts utilising traditional women’s modes of making, such as sewing, embroidery and crochet. The work is a manifestation of the hopes, dreams, and desires of migrant women and strives to honour their voices which were often silenced by dominant gender roles within the Calabrian diaspora.

Cathy Parry

She lives and works in Castlemaine. She is an artist and owner of Industrial Sewing Workshop. Cathy is currently undertaking a Masters of Visual Arts at La Trobe University, Bendigo, and is a graduate of the University of Wollongong (Creative Arts - Textiles), The University of New South Wales (Art Administration) and RMIT (Public Art). 


Kylie Banyard

An Artist and educator based in Bendigo at La Trobe University Visual Arts. Her painting practice investigates alternate models for living and learning. Banyard has recently explored and presented to a new audience the radical pedagogies of American mid-20th century art school Black Mountain College. Those pedagogies are based in practices of care for others, the development of the whole person, and care for community and environment.

Claudia Pharès

She is a second-generation migrant born in Montreal, Canada and is now residing in Melbourne. She recently attended the FAC International Feminist Art Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto. She is also currently undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts at VCA, University of Melbourne. Claudia works across mediums such as photography, performance and participatory practice. Her works deploy a multidisciplinary approach and is informed by mother-centered feminism to find strategies that sustain the required roles and responsibilities as an artist/mother.


Catherine Pilgrim

She is a Castlemaine Artist whose practice is grounded in drawing. Her recent work engages with the histories of her local area, in particular the overlooked contribution of women in the  development of the communities of Central Victoria. Catherine is very interested in what it might be to care for histories, in link with the way to care for a place.

Pie Rankine

She is a Castlemaine based artist whose long career as an Artist has undergone significant change in response to living in a regional town and resettling to living more sustainably and in sync with the natural world.


Her recent work in ceramics explores inter-species relationships and how to care in a time of climate emergency.


Hayley West

Her research explores the realities of grief through personal experiences and artistic practice, focusing on the inevitability of one’s own death and the impact on those remaining.


As an Artist working in the public realm, Hayley believes in empowering the community by sharing practical knowledge through exchange and generosity. Her practice spans over 15 years of research, exhibitions, international residencies and is based in Castlemaine.

Caroline Wallace

She is a Castlemaine based Arts Theorist and Curator whose recent research is focused on curatorial care. In particular, she is interested in the critique of the model of the globe-trotting star curator whose relationship with place is tenuous. She aims to posit a caring approach to curating grounded in site and embodied experience.

Azza Zein


Su Yang

She was born and raised in China and is an Artist working in painting, photography, video, and short film. She holds a BA in Design from Tsinghua University, Beijing, an MFA in painting from the State University of New York, Buffalo, and a PhD from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.


Her art practice questions the changing dominant social ideas of “ideal beauty,” which encourage many young Chinese women to undergo unnecessary, even harmful non-therapeutic cosmetic surgeries to mold their own faces and bodies to fit these ideals.

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